Amalgam 2019

Amalgam is the annual technical festival of the department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. It is organised by the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Students’ association (METSA) of IIT Madras, to foster the spirit of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering amongst the future pillars of our nature. Conducted over a couple of days, the festival comprises of lectures from personalities who are pioneer in their fields and various events. Additionally, we host an array of diverse workshops and experimental demonstrations in the state of the art laboratories at India’s top ranked Engineering College. To cap it off all, we conduct a plethora of events that challenge the young minds and capture the soul of materials in our everyday life.Being completely run by the students of our department, Amalgam witnesses a footfall of over 500 people very year, making it a unique festival in the field of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.This year being the 10th edition of amalgam, we are all set to make it memorable in every possible way.

Dates: March 2nd and 3rd, 2019