Coding Event

Yearning to apply your programming skills in metallurgy? Enter the virtual world with us to solve problems in materials science where the mathematical scheme, algorithmic elegance, robustness are of paramount importance. The event would be pretty general, where in you wouldn’t need a knowledge of the physics involved. Your logic and technique of attacking the problem will get you through this event.

Don’t forget to register for Amalgam through the registrations page. Payment of Rs.100 is also mandatory. Please find your options here.


  1. This is an individual event. No group submissions will be accepted.
  2. The coding has to be done in MATLAB or Octave only.
  3. Multiple submissions can be made but only the final submission will be evaluated.
  4. The evaluation would be based on output and the programming methodology.
  5. The code as well as the output has to be submitted to be considered for evaluation.
  6. Please upload only a zip file. Name your zip archive as your mail ID (the part before the ‘@’ symbol). Include all plots and script files in your archive. You can also include them in the form of a PDF report, all within the archive.
  7. The deadline for submission will be updated soon.

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