This is a chance to put together your knowledge and enthusiasm to solve an industrial problem. It is not always in the hands of industrialists to solve engineering problems at the forefront. Students can venture out to the frontier too. If you have been itching to decode certain conundrums with your imagination and intelligence, this is just the right event for you. But beware, an ingenious way to solve a problem should take the feasibilities and economic viability as seriously as the science. The best solution is one that is pragmatic enough to support its creative component.

Click here to view the Problem Statement. The Problem Statement is from ISRO. The winning team (2 members only) will get an internship at ISRO. The total prize money for the event is 20,000. Teams will have to present their solutions during AMALGAM 2018.


  1. A team must be composed of only 2 members.
  2. Teams need to submit an abstract regarding the problem statement. This is the basis upon which the teams will be shortlisted for the finals.
  3. Abstract needs to be uploaded latest by 10 PM , 21st February 2018.
  4. Teams shortlisted for finals need to deliver a presentation supporting their solution. The presentation will be for 10 mins, with a couple mins for questions and answers.

Submit your abstracts here. File name must include the mail ID of any one of the team members (the part before the ‘@’ symbol).

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