Main Quiz

Wanna exercise you grey cells? Amalgam Main Quiz is here for you.
Do you know the home country of third largest film industry in the world next to Hollywood and Bollywood? Do you know the country named after Lord Jesus? Do you know the full form of HSBC? Can you tell what is common between George Washington, James Monroe, James Garfield and Franklin Roosevelt (Duh! apart from the fact that they all were US presidents!) Well, Well, Well!!! It’s raining questions, isn’t it? So if you think you can answer questions on subjects ranging from Sports to Literature and if you think you got it in you to connect the most arbit things. What are you waiting for?
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Amalgam Main quiz! You are asked a question, you search it for clues, one teammate suggests one strand of thought, another suggests an alternative, you rack your brains and suddenly it all falls into place. And this process is great fun, especially the Eureka moment when you crack a question, or even hear the answer!!! This year’s quiz is going to be bigger better and much harder than usual… so don’t forget to get your thinking caps along!

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